Cards that Make the Cut

Back in the day I used to write a lot of letters—drafted simply because I wanted to put words on paper, without any specific obligation or occasion. I considered it to be a fun activity; the perfect way to while away a few hours in a coffee shop on a rainy afternoon. I also religiously sent out holiday and birthday cards. Sadly, those days are now few and far between. In this era of social media and text messages, post-dinner-party thank-you notes are about the only handwritten communication I can muster. But I'm on a mission to change that, and my inspiration is an amazing line of pop-up greeting cards. 

Love Pop Greeting Card Maple Tree

I recently discovered this delightful collection while traveling in New York. At the time, I knew nothing about the designers or their company, cleverly named Love Pop. Long story short, the cards are the brainchild of naval engineers, ingenious gents who applied their architectural training and 3D software to a style of Asian art known as sliceform kirigami. What I also learned is that the business was funded, after an initial small-scale Kickstarter, by one of the investors on Shark Tank. Watching the inventors, Wombi Rose and John Wise, bring their dream to life is pretty incredible. 

Pop-up Cards from Love Pop

As you can see from the small assortment shown above, the themes are all very compelling and unique. Choosing just one is not going to be an easy feat. I'm really excited for you to come into Future Nostalgia and see these in person. I'm certain they'll spark your imagination and inspire you to write fanciful greetings to suit your occasion. All of the cards are blank, so you can share whatever sentiment your heart desires. 

Unicorn rainbow pop-up greeting card