I have never been a big fan of Winter. But my newfound interest in plantsespecially brown curly leaves and the shriveled flowers of summer, has shown me a side of the season that I am truly enjoying. One of my favorite things to do is mix dried specimens with freshly cut greens and hothouse blooms. Exhibit A: The wreath that I made a couple of weeks ago was getting dry, so I took it outside and spruced it up with a the remains of a fading week-old bouquet. I think it looks really cool on my yard waste can, conveniently full of beautiful twigs that I gathered after a recent windstorm. For the finishing touch, I spritzed it with Future Nostalgia winter rose cabin spray, a blend that smells a lot like this wreath on the day that I made it, with a heavenly mix of cedar, rosemary and incense. 

How to spruce up a fading holiday wreath with a bright array of fresh flowers.